Instructions for 3 Snowman Templates - Snow Buddies

Snow Buddies Snowman Templates

Please read the instructions before beginning because necessary tips are included.

You will need to match up template 1 and template 1 bottom piece to form the whole snowman (who is taller than 11" paper) Same with template 3.

1.  Cut the wood according to templates.  The type of wood is listed on the template.

2. The paints to use are Delta Ceramcoat.  Don't saturate the rough wood with paint. Paint Colors:  Raw Sienna, Black, Antique White, Terra Cotta, Sonoma Wine

3.  After painting the snowmen, heavily sand the edges and lightly sand the painted surface.

4.  Stain the back and the sides with Minwax Early American stain. Go lightly over the top surface with the stain and then darker on the front sanded edges.

5.  Use screws and wood glue to attach the snowmen bodies to their bases, and then add the accents as follows:

Tree: A cinnamon stick will be used as the tree trunk. Wrap a strand of greenery around stick and hot glue it in place.  Trim the greenery branches so they are in the shape of a tree.  Next, drill holes thru the snowman's body and wire the tree to the snowman.

Grapevine:  Using any size grapevine wreath, cut a few pieces of the small thin pieces.  Wrap the grapevine around the snowman and attach it by using a double sided nail on the back side of the body.

Star:  Drill 2 holes through the shoulder of the large snowman and through the center of the star.  Wire the star to the shoulder.  Use piece of wool for the shawl and hot glue it. Glue a tiny bit of Spanish moss under the star.

The hearts and noses can be added using craft glue or wood glue.  Add some scraps of homespun fabric around their necks.

Hats: 2 different options. I dye a large batch of old socks with Rit Dye (dark green and wine).  A dying tip, use a cup of table salt and very hot water and let it simmer on the stove most of the day.  Use socks containing as much cotton as possible. 
Or you can just use fleece. Cut a piece of fleece that will fit around the snowman's head. Use hot glue on the seam. Tie a knot at the bottom.  Glue the hat to the snowman.


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