13 Black Friday Quotes, Black Friday Sayings - Print, Download

13 Black Friday Quotes, Black Friday Sayings - Print, Download at NorthPoleChristmas.com

Black Friday Quotes

These illustrated Black Friday sayings are ideal for the special shopping day after Thanksgiving. Kickoff the Christmas shopping season with these Black Friday quotes. Use them on t-shirts, share with friends, display them around your work space for Black Friday inspiration!

Each Black Friday quote is available to download or print as a high resolution jpeg file, large enough so you can save it and open it in a graphics program and resize it without image degradation. The quote can also be printed as a metal sign which has the text and graphics already inserted on a metal background with a frame...ready to use.

To print the Black Friday Saying graphics smaller or larger, choose print and when the PRINT screen appears, select SCALE in the printer settings and increase or decrease the scale from 100% to a larger or smaller. You may need to choose "More Settings" to find your printer's SCALE setting.


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Black Friday Sayings

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Signs are copyrighted by NorthPoleChristmas.com and the graphics cannot be sold. Feel free to make signs from these graphics for personal use or for selling at craft shows, etc. (please contact us with any questions)