Angel Cards - Printable Greeting Cards

These angel cards will fit in a 5x7" envelope. You can find a great variety of colors of envelopes at craft stores. The cards will print at approximately 4 1/2-inches by 6 inches.

Print the angel cards on cardstock, fold in half and cut to size. Just that easy! The card is on a 8 1/2" x 11" background so when the card prints, it will have a full blank section for the back side of the card.

To print the card -

1. Click the card you want from the angel card selection below, then click on the printer icon or select File, Print. (The card will print without the page header.)
2. Cut the card out around the edges, including the blank area for the card back.
3. Fold the card in half the direction it should go according to the graphics.


The graphic itself can just be cut out and used as a postcard Christmas card, still using the 5x7-inch envelope, signing on the card or the back of the postcard.


To print a greeting on the inside of the card, click here for instructions.


Try embellishing the card with glitter, fabric, pom-poms, rhinestones, sequins, felt snowman hats, flannel winter scarves. Click here to view embellished examples.


If you would rather purchase the finished cards instead of printing them, we have that option available. Available to purchase is one card, 10 cards or a 20-card pack.

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