50 Free Printable Christmas Money Cards: Free Money Holders

50 Christmas money card designs to print free. Use with lip balm pouch to hold rolled up money. Adorable Christmas designs: angels, snowmen, Christmas piggies. Print and cut your design of choice (on cardstock preferably), add rolled up money to the lip balm pouch and attach the pouch to the card.

50 Free Printable Christmas Money Cards at NorthPoleChristmas.com

Purchase the money card pouches with adhesive for ease of use, or without adhesive and just add Superglue to keep them in place. The see-through plastic makes them perfect for gifting money. Just put the money in the lip balm holder and attach it to the gift card. The gift cards below are best printed on cardstock and will print 3 3/4" x 5 1/2".

Here is a link where you can order the adhesive lip balm pouches from Amazon:

If you need to change the dimensions of the money cards: Click on your desired image. In Chrome, select PRINT (or CTRL-P) from the 3 little dots top right. Choose More Settings, Scale and Custom - add your Custom Settings.

Print Santa Cookie Tray larger

Christmas Money Cards Clipart

Amazon also has cardstock available for these cute Christmas money cards. This 65 lb. paper works best in our printer:

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