90 Hot Chocolate Signs - Hot Cocoa Infographics for Christmas

With so many uses for Christmas decorating, these Hot Chocolate signs are sure to add fun and a festive look to your holiday projects. These were created to use with a Hot Cocoa gift basket, but use your imagination for other Christmas projects. There are 3 variations available of the printable Hot Cocoa Infographic below.

Keep going down the page to find more Hot Chocolate signs and tags, hot cocoa cup labels, hot cocoa kit labels, and labels and signs for a Hot Chocolate Bar.

Hot Chocolate Infographic and 90 Hot Chocolate Signs

HOT COCOA SIGNS - After printing and cutting out, leave the signs rectangular with the chalkboard background or cut around the design. You can also import the image into an editing program like Photoshop and use digital papers to create colorful borders.

HOT COCOA INFOGRAPHIC has 9 variations of hot chocolate, all with only 4 to 6 ingredients. Perfect for creating a hot chocolate gift basket with most of the ingredients to make each delightful hot cocoa variety. If you'd like to create something more permanent, laminate the infographic or glue it to a piece of wood and seal it with clear acrylic spray. Continue down the page to see my Hot Chocolate Gift Basket.

To resize any of the tags for printing, click File, Print Preview and change the Scale of the page to a smaller or larger percentage.

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Hot Chocolate Signs and Tags- Click each one to print:

  • Hot chocolate makes everything better sign
  • Hot Chocolate is like a Hug from the inside hot chocolate sign
  • happiness is hot cocoa
  • happiness is hot chocolate
  • Everything's Better with hot chocolate sign
  • sweet holiday wishes sign
  • happiness is hot cocoa tag
  • happiness is hot chocolate
  • hot chocolate is always a good idea
  • hot chocolate time
  • hot chocolate is cheaper than therapy
  • everythings better with hot chocolate sign
  • hot chocolate sign
  • tis the season for hot chocolate sign
  • hot chocolate sign
  • hot chocolate sign
  • Baby i's Cold Outside in a cup of hot cocoa
  • Stay Cozy this Season in a cup of hot cocoa
  • All You Need is Love and Hot Cocoa sign
  • Merriest Wishes in a cup of hot cocoa
  • hot chocolate sign
  • hot chocolate sign
  • Shorter version of the first Hot Cocoa sign
  • Shorter version of the first Hot Cocoa sign
  • hot chocolate chalkboard
  • hot chocolate chalkboard
  • hot cocoa
  • a cup of hot cocoa

Hot Cocoa Infographic - Click to print:

Resize the images above if needed by selecting FILE, PRINT PREVIEW and changing the SCALE percentage. At 100% the image will print just short of 5x7". A SCALE percentage of 125% is almost full page. For half page, choose 70% or 80%.

Hot Cocoa Cup Labels - Click to print:

Hot Cocoa Kit Labels - Click to print:

Hot Chocolate Bar - Click to print:

Warm up your winter gathering with a Hot Chocolate Bar. Basically, a hot chocolate bar is a bar or table gathered with basic hot cocoa, yummy stir-in ingredients (found on the round labels below), marshmallows, whipped cream and sprinkles and cute cocoa cups. Use the round labels on the front of mason jars or add a ribbon to other containers and thread the label through the ribbon. Print one of the Hot Chocolate bar clip arts below (can even be framed). Add a few of the infographics (above) to help your visitors create their favorite drinks.

And on to the Christmas Tags - Click here!

Many more Christmas Signs - Click here!

In the gift basket image below, I printed the half page Holiday Cocoa Variations InfoGraphic on cardstock and cut it out. I attached a red Sonic straw to the back of the cardstock. Then I printed the Hot Cocoa sign on regular paper, traced my hanging chalkboard shape on the back of the paper and cut out the sign. I punched top holes in the paper with an ice pick, matched the holes up and attached the Hot Cocoa sign to the chalkboard with double sided tape. Then I threaded the jute back through both holes. Custom gift basket sign!

The bottom picture shows all the items listed to make the 9 cocoa variations except for the refrigerated items. Cocoa powder is the only thing missing; you could add some cocoa powder to a small container and label it. This gift basket will keep a gift going for many days.

inside of hot chocolate basket hot cocoa basket

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